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We believe that fitness should not just be a chore but the best part of your lifestyle. We wish you to have all the pleasure and fun while being active. And so we arrange special Dance sessions as one pursuit to release your stress and at the same time leave you feeling energetic and lively. So now our guests can come together and have a fun time while being fit.


A vacation is a time to disconnect and leave behind the hassle that modern lifestyle and busy work routines leave us with. For your peaceful and blissful stay, we provide Yoga, being taught by trained instructors who are there to help and guide you so that you can reconnect with yourself and have the best experience with us.

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You can sway in style and strength with our special Zumba fitness program. For those of you who like to be high on life, our Zumba trainers will be happy to assist you to rock the beats.  So get your body moving on the music and have a blast while making your workout a fun session.

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